English FAQ


Welcome to Vår Energi Arena Sørmarka



We encourage everyone to use bikes, electric city bikes, your legs or public transport to get to us.

From Auglendsdalen take the new bridge across the highway.

There’s also arranged for car parking outside the arena. Parking is subject to charge.

If you use EasyPark-app the tariff group is 862.

Bus routes to Vår Energi Arena Sørmarka from Stavanger city centre are available all day at designated hours.

The nearest stop is called Sørmarka Arena. The timetable can be found at www.kolumbus.no.



Inside the arena you will find:

  • 400m speed skating track (Lengdeløpsbanen)
  • Hockey rink* (Isbingen)
  • Ice rink (Pingvinbanen)
  • Curling rinks (Curlingbaner)
  • Climbing walls** (Kursveggen and Hovedveggen) and a bouldering wall (Buldreveggen)


*Hockey club and puck are only allowed on set times ‘Kølle & Puck’

Please note that you have to be over or under 16 years on these.

All players must have a minimum of leg guard, gloves and a helmet.

Everyone under 18 years must wear a helmet with a grille.


**You must be able to show indoor climbing certification/experience and sign a statement of responsibility to access the climbing walls



During daytime the hall is available for everyone. Our main visitors during weekdays are nursery schools and primary schools.

The access for the public is a bit more limited during noons and evenings, as some sports clubs are assigned training time and ground in the arena.

These are the hours where club training do not take time and place on the different grounds.



If you or your child wish to join one of the sports clubs that train here you contact them directly:


Ice helmet is mandatory for children under 10, but recommended for everyone’s safety.

To enter the hall you’ll need a day pass or a membership card. (This does not apply if you are a sports club member attending the clubs training)

Children under the age of 4 have free entrance.

We have equipment for rental if you don’t have your own.

Contact us

If you have any enquiries or questions do not hesitate by sending us an email to sormarka@folkehallene.no or by phone +47 902 57 300.